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Quando si utilizza un servizio di riparazione online non è un'opzione, provare una di queste utilità scaricabili:

Recupero per WordPerfect

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Oltre alla possibilità di recuperare le informazioni in-house, che forniscono illimitate multi-file di recupero, le opzioni di supporto avanzate e molte altre caratteristiche gli utenti aziendali apprezzeranno.

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“I purchased the Recovery for WordPerfect in an emergency situation for a law firm that had a corrupted document with a deadline to have it sent out within an hour.

I used the demo to test recovery and it showed the contents. After purchasing, we used it and it retrieved 100% of the document. We had to copy the contents and place it in a new pleaded document because the recovery contents were a bit askew, but it was more than I ever expected we would retrieve. It was a welcome success, and it is a permanent tool we'll have on hand at the office when this happens again. And it will. For some reason, this happens a bit too often, and always at the last hour.

Your software worked incredibly well. Thank you very much!”

Mark W.

“We are a law firm and our legal assistants constantly Copy & Paste between documents and that seems to cause corrupt documents on a regular basis. Normally I can repair them with wplook but sometimes that doesn't fix a document. So I started to look around for another app and yours seemed to do the trick. I'm sure it will come in handy down the road.”

David R.

“We had a document that showed corrupted and was unable to open. This document contained a table from within that contained dates when things were completed throughout a period of 6 months. This document was needed for the next day in a court trial. We were able to recover the document immediately with the help of your product and only needed to re-format the document once it was recovered. Thank you.”

Ciprian C.

Ho bisogno di recupero per... Utilizzare il prodotto di riferimento per individuare una soluzione di riparazione per il file di applicazioni, database, server o media. Ripristinare il file istantaneamente con OfficeRecovery online.

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Paradox (db)

VMWare (vhd, vmdk)


Virtual PC (vhd, vmdk)

SQL Server (mdf, ndf, bak, ldf)

Citrix Xen (xva, ova, img)

Sybase (dat)

Sun xVM (vhd, vmdk)

SQL Anywhere Server (db)

Visual FoxPro (dbf)




Flash Drive *


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CD and DVD *

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Photoshop (psd, pdd)

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WordPerfect (wpd, rtf)

Virtual Drive (vhd, vmdk, ova)

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