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When using an online repair service is not an option, try one of these downloadable utilities:

Recovery for SQL Server

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Besides the ability to recover information in-house, they provide unlimited multi-file recovery, advanced support options and many other features corporate users will appreciate.

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“I'm not sure what had happened to the database, but it could not be opened. Your software did a full recovery and rebuild, and all went back to normal operation. I was impressed.”

Jim K.

“We had a severe crash on a SAN-disk shelf with following corruption of data. Recovery for SQL Server managed to recover the database tables in a database (it turned out that the backups were corrupt as well) but of cause a lot of the records were damaged. Still it helped us out of a possible worse situation.”

Noralf G.

“Our production server had a disk crash and we had backup but it was 2 days old. Thanks to Recovery for SQL Server we could restore almost everything to the time of the disk crash.

We have merged the data from the backup and from the recovery database to a new fresh database so we ultimately lost just a few rows in the production database.”

Martin W.

Standard features:

  • Processes a corrupted Microsoft SQL server database file (.mdf, .ndf, .dat, .ldf, .bak) and creates a SQL script with restored database structure and data
  • Supports Microsoft® SQL Server versions 2008 R2, 2008, 2008 x64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005 x64, 2005 Express, 2000, 2000 x64, 7.0 and 6.5
  • Supports SCSU (The Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode)
  • Supports XML indices
  • Supports SQL Server 2008 encrypted files
  • Restores compressed backups of SQL Server 2008
  • Restores SQL Server 2005, 2008 compressed data (types ROW, RAGE)
  • Restores varchar(max) data type
  • Log support for MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008.
  • Restores Microsoft SQL Server backups for all versions
  • Restores multi-volume database files
  • Restores tables, stored procedures, views
  • Restores predefined defaults, default values, rules, constrain "CHECKS", user data types ("Allow null", "default", "rule")
  • Restores primary keys, unique key, indexes (including "IGNORE_DUP_KEY", "CLUSTERED", "STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE", "FILLFACTOR"), foreign keys
  • Restores SQL Server 2008 sparse columns
  • Restores triggers
  • Restores the sort order for index keys
  • Restores deleted records and saves them in a separate SQL script
  • Restores partly damaged records, storing them in a separate batch file
  • Database rebuilding batch is generated automatically
  • The resulting database rebuilding script is split into multiple parts for the convenience of viewing and editing
  • National characters (umlauts, hieroglyphs etc) are now restored
  • Restores Reports feature

SQL Server Restore Limitations:

  • OfficeRecovery for SQL Server Online restores every feature of the original database that can be useful; Microsoft SQL Server will possibly filter out the unnecessary items.
  • Dates not falling in range January,1, 1900 - December, 31, 2199 may be restored incorrectly
  • Order of rows in restored tables may differ from the original order

OfficeRecovery for SQL Server Online Tool Demo Explained

The demo result allows to evaluate recoverability of a particular corrupted sql server file.

There are two typical outcomes of using the demo results:

  1. A limited amount of actual data will be restored from the damaged sql server file. Other restored data will be presented as placeholders labeled "demo";
  2. Data analysis will find the document impossible to restore. "No data to recover" message will be shown in that case.

OfficeRecovery for SQL Server Online File Restore Description

Corrupted sql server databases are files that suddenly become unusable and can't be opened with Microsoft SQL Server. There are several reasons why a sql server file may have been damaged. In some cases, it is possible to fix and restore the corrupt mdf (SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008, 2008 x64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005 x64, 2005 Express, 2000, 2000 x64, 7.0, 6.5), ndf, ldf, bak file.

If your mdf, ndf, ldf or bak database has accidentally become corrupt/inaccessible for opening with the original software, don't lose heart! You do not have to buy expensive software to restore just one damaged sql server file anymore. OfficeRecovery for SQL Server Online represents you a new online service that will help you to restore a corrupted sql server database instantly. All you have to do is just to upload the corrupted mdf, ndf, ldf or bak file using your browser, estimate demo restore results and choose a solution suitable for you.

OfficeRecovery Online for SQL Server supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008, 2008 x64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005 x64, 2005 Express, 2000, 2000 x64, 7.0, 6.5. The restored data is saved a set of SQL files to be used for rebuilding SQL Server database.

OfficeRecovery for SQL Server Online offers free/gratuit and paid options to get full restore results. Free restore option means that you get full restore results absolutely free in 14-28 days. All you have to do is just to subscribe for free restore results of your sql server file after the restore process. If you need to get the restored mdf, ndf, ldf or bak file right now, instantly you just need to choose the paid option instead of the free one.

What if no data to restore detected in your damaged sql server file? You can order a non-refundable file review by our technical team. In some cases it is possible to retrieve data only manually.

Recovery for SQL Server Questions And Answers

Q: Can Recovery for SQL Server repair my SQL Server database?
A: The effective way to find out if a SQL Server database is recoverable is to try the demo version of Recovery for SQL Server on it using the upload form on this page.
Q: What limitations does the demo version of Recovery for SQL Server have?
A: The demo version of recovery results will contain a limited number of rows in each table. The remaining rows will contain "demo" in text fields and null values in other types of fields. The full version of recovery results will contain the demo-limited rows fully repaired as well.

No additional tables or records are recovered in the full results if they are not present in demo output.

Q: I have tried the demo. How do I decide whether to purchase the full recovery results?
A: Evaluating the results of demo recovery can help in making the decision.
Q: Why do results of recovery contain less data than the original SQL Server database?
A: This is normal. The damaged parts of your SQL Server database, backup and log will convert to zero size on output. The other common reason of file size decrease is when some of features of the original database, backup and log are not supported and therefore absent from the recovered database, backup and log. Demo-recovered database, backup and log is smaller because it mostly consists of demo placeholders than actual data.
Q: After running Recovery for SQL Server on the corrupted database, backup and log, a folder with sql script(s) and batch file has been created. How could these files be transfigured into a new database, backup and log?
A: To recreate database, backup and log, process resulting sql scripts starting with schema.sql and following by dataNNNN.sql. The database, backup and log will be recreated from scratch.
To make the import procedure more convenient for the end-user an appropriate batch file is automatically created and put in the same folder as sql script(s).
Q: When trying to execute the commit.bat file created by Recovery for SQL Server I receive the error which claims that isql.exe utility cannot be found. What should I use instead of missing program?
A: This could happen if you are using SQL Server 2005. The isql.exe and osql.exe utilities are replaced by sqlcmd.exe in this release.
To execute our batch file and recreate database automatically, please, do the following: create a link to the sqlcmd.exe called isql.exe and rerun commit.bat file. Alternatively, you can edit the batch file manually to make it use sqlcmd.exe instead of isql.exe.
Q: I have 3 databases, backups and logs in hand: MDF, NDF, LDF. Which one should I use to recover my database information?
  1. MDF is for SQL Server Master Database File
  2. NDF is for SQL Server Secondary Data File
  3. LDF is for SQL Server Transaction Log File

Recovery for SQL Server requires MDF file to recover database, backup and log. If you don't have an MDF, there's no way to restore your data.
In case you have an NDF, please, place it in the same directory as MDF before processing with data recovery: Recovery for SQL Server will use it to improve the quality of recovery as much as possible.
LDF file is not necessary at all.

I need recovery for... Use the product reference to locate a repair solution for your damaged application file, database, server or media. Restore your corrupted file instantly with OfficeRecovery Online Tool.

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Paradox (db)

VMWare (vhd, vmdk)


Virtual PC (vhd, vmdk)

SQL Server (mdf, ndf, bak, ldf)

Citrix Xen (xva, ova, img)

Sybase (dat)

Sun xVM (vhd, vmdk)

SQL Anywhere Server (db)

Visual FoxPro (dbf)




Flash Drive *


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CD and DVD *

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Photoshop (psd, pdd)

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